Adobe's latest wearable tech

Prime Rose

If you are a fan of fashion and technology, you might be interested in Adobe's latest wearable tech project: Primrose. 

Primrose is a breakthrough in fashion technology that uses flexible, non-emissive textiles that can display any content created with Adobe's applications, such as Stock, After Effects, Firefly, and Illustrator. This means you can change the design, color, and shape of your clothing at the push of a button, or even make it interactive and responsive to your movement.

Primrose was unveiled at the Adobe Max 2023 event in Los Angeles by Adobe research scientist Dr. Christine Dierk, who wore a stunning dress that transformed into different patterns and animations on stage. 

The project is a result of Dierk's passion for technology and fashion, as she has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from U.C. Berkeley and is also an accomplished seamstress. She explained that Primrose uses wearable, flexible, non-emissive textiles that allow an entire surface to display content created with Adobe Stock, After Effects, Firefly, and Illustrator.

The project has many potential applications and benefits for both designers and consumers. For designers, it offers a new way to express their creativity and showcase their work on different platforms and mediums. For consumers, it offers a new way to interact with fashion and the world around them. 

Imagine being able to download and wear the latest designs from your favorite brands or artists or create your own unique style with just a few clicks. You could also match your outfit to your mood, occasion, or environment, or even have fun with animated or interactive designs that respond to your gestures or voice.

Primrose is still a proof of concept, so there is no word on when it will be available for the public. However, based on the positive reception and feedback from the Adobe Max audience, it seems that Primrose has a bright future ahead. It is a glimpse of what is possible with today's technology and how it can transform the world of fashion.

If you want to learn more about Primrose and see it in action, you can watch the video below or visit the Adobe website for more information.

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